Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flights and shots

After finishing yet another business school app (10 minutes before the deadline!), I'm back into Kiva preparation mode. More reading, Khmer study, and little tasks here and there.

I finally got my ticket. Here are the dates for those interested:

Feb. 5th - Leave LAX
(stopover in Japan to see Aaron)
Feb. 12th - Leave for Phnom Penh
(stay for a long time)
June 15th - Leave for Tokyo
(hang out with Aaron for a bit)
June 26th - Return to LA

Not a cheap flight, but I searched around quite a bit (and tried a lot of crazy schemes), so I think I got a good deal, especially considering the stops in Tokyo (which only added about $150 to the price of the trip -- not bad!). Total cost after taxes: $1536. My 2nd real expense after a couple of vaccinations: Hep. A and Typhoid, for a total cost of $195 (including appt. fee)

Of all my concerns, I think the only thing that makes me even slightly nervous is the possibility of illness. In my pamphlet on Cambodia, I see that there are at least 5 serious mosquito borne illnesses that it's important to watch out for, and one (dengue) doesn't have a cure. That's fairly frightening for someone who seems to always win the "who can attract the most mosquitoes" prize. My travel nurse told me that B vitamins and garlic capsules supposedly work for some people. I guess it's worth a shot...

Interestingly, there's no need to worry about malaria when in the capital city, Phnom Penh. It's not a particularly large city, and has no shortage of standing water, so I don't really know why the malaria danger is low. Any ideas, anyone? I guess I'm not sure how malaria propagates in the wild, and that might shed some light on things. The rural areas all tend to have fairly high malaria risks...

Well, back to my preparations!